Our History
Located in Turin, Ahuachapan in El Salvador, Finca Argentina has been producing coffee for over seventy years.  Finca Argentina was acquired in 1967 by my grandfather, Luis Guillermo, and it quickly became the favorite among his other coffee farms.


Finca Argentina consists of 35 hectares and ranges in altitude from 1,150 to 1,350 m.a.s.l. and has average yearly rainfall of approximately 2,700 mm.  Facing north on the Apaneca-Illamatepec mountain range, Finca Argentina has minimal exposure to winds and clear views of the Guatemalan border and El Espino valley below.  Average daily temperature is approximately 23 degrees celcius.

Near-by fumarolas (volcanic vents) are a reminder of the rich, volcanic soil of Finca Argentina.  Our soil, micro-climate and our approach to farming makes our coffee unique.  

About Finca Argentina

Fine coffee through fairness, curiosity and collaboration.

Our Approach


We consider the implications of our actions in everything we do.  From the treatment of our employees to our relationships with suppliers and buyers to the impact on the land, we always strive to be fair.


How do we do it?



Without curiosity there is no experimentation or innovation.  It is our inherent interest and constant inquisitiveness that pushes our boundaries and makes our coffee better 


Where does it lead?


Most can be accomplished together but little can be done alone.  We nurture relationships and shy away from transactions.  Through deep relationships and working together we bring ideas into fruition.     


How we collaborate?